About our Cows

LONGHORNS are a rare English breed and we farm one of the few organic herds in the country. With only 25 suckler mums (each of our cows suckle their calves for 9 months) the beef can only be bought to order either through Purbeck Larder shop or The Dorset Charcuterie or directly through me . Produced to the highest standards this slow growing beef is tender and deliciously flavoured.

ANGUS is a traditional British breed. Slightly faster growing than the Longhorn, it still has the wonderful taste and tenderness of a dedicated non commercial beef breed.

In the supermarket most beef is a by product of the dairy industry or a commercial fast growing breed. Like giant brightly coloured veg, it looks great but is tough and flavourless. The commercial element of farming is sustained through fertilisers and antibiotics. Stick to the real thing and you won't regret it.