The Log Shop
The Log Shop is a new business venture for Post Green Farm. At The Log Shop we sell wood that has been lain dead around the farm and fields from 2 to 20 years. This means that all the wood we supply is seasoned sufficiently and perfect for burning. The wood we deal with is all Hardwood, mostly Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch, Sycamore, Elm, Apple, Cherry and Willow. Hardwoods are far superior than softwoods for burning, they burn hotter and for longer. They also don't have undesirable burning qualities such as excessive resin and spitting.
We sell large sacks of logs for 10. These sacks are larger than usual and are twice the weight at 20kg. We believe they are great value for money - try them!
We also sell trailer loads of logs. These trailers loads are 1 cubic metre in size and 240-250kg in weight.
We charge 100 for the trailer load, delivery charge depends on your location and we stack the logs for 10.
We can also load up your trailer or truck. The price of this service depends on the size of your trailer/truck but we guarantee you will leave happy.
Opening Times
We are open
Monday to Friday 8-9a.m and 3-5p.m.
We are also open on Saturday from 9-11a.m.
Contact Us


tel :   *** The Log Shop is closed for summer ***
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